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Little Whore Records Celebrates 10 years in 2009!

Expect big things this year as we up our output!


New Corvid Lorax! New Lazarush! New, new, New Dammit!

Out now On Little Whore Records limited to only 500 copies each.

Two releases by two diffrent artits that hatched from the same egg.

Little Whore Records Release #23 Lazarush- Pali Ola

Little Whore Records Release #24 Corvid Lorax - NICE

More info at: www.Lazrush.com and www.CorvidLorax.com


What's Next at the LWR?

We are pleased to announce a new signing to LWR stables, although he has worked with LWR in the past here we will bring you a full length album. Who is it? Well its the one and only D.B. Buxton. And the Album is going to be called D.B. Buxton's Dirty Disco party. Thats right folks you heard it right, LWR is releasing a album of off-beat disco tunes sung by the wonderfully talented Buxton. This album will seriously rock so stay tuned.

here is a link to his myspace for now.

Little Whore Records Release #26 in Spring 2009.

Buxton napping



And Before I forget....

I have a special guest arriving from a distant land to record an album for LWR. His name is HYPOLYTE 'A' and he's pissed, he's pissed cause everyone here has been having fun making albums in his absense. Well he's coming to rectify that with a vengence. Look for a solo Hypolyte 'A' album sometime in spring 2009.


Little Whore Records Release #25 in winter 2010



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